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WXSIM Field names with their "description" as found in WXSIM data files

English: Explanation

  • First column contains the field name as used in the scripts
  • Second column contains unit type used.
  • Column "lastret.txt contains the field names as used by WRET => lastret.txt output, not all fields are present in your own lastret.txt.
  • Column "latest.csv contains the field names as contained in latest.csv, normally all fields should be present when using the professional version.
  • You can sort the table on column 1-4 by clicking in the heading.
    • First click descending
    • Second click ascending.

Nederlands: Toelichting

  • De eerste kolom bevat de naam zoals gebruikt in de scripts
  • De tweede kolom bevat de UOM, de maat eenheid
  • Kolom "lastret.txt bevat de veldnamen zoals gebruikt door de lastret.txt output generatie, niet alle velden zijn aanwezig in iedere lastret.txt omdat het aantal velden beperkt is.
  • Kolom "latest.csv calle veldnamen uit het latest.csv bestand (=backup laatste forecast), alle velden komen voor als u een professional version hebt van WXSIM.
  • De tabel kan gesorteerd worden op kolom 1-4 door te klikken op een kolomkop.
    • Eerste klik sorteert aflopend
    • Tweede klik oplopend.

Total number of known field-names (2017-07-16) = 79. Of which 8 are missing for lastret.txt and 6 for latest.csv.
Any help to rectify this is appriciated.

field_name UOM lastret.txt latest.csv explanation
cnd1txtWEATHERWX Type 1Weather Cloud condition
cnd2txtWEATHERWX Type 2Weather precip other
temptempAIRTemperatureTemperature outside
tempMaxtempTMAXHi TempTemperature max
tempMintempTMINLow TempTemperature min
hum%%RHRel.Hum.Humidity Relative
dewtempDEWDew Pt.Dew point
wBulbtempWETWet BulbTemperature Wet bulb
windSpeedwindW.SPWind Spd.Wind speed
windDegdegW.DIRWind Dir.Wind direction compass
rainrainPTOTTot.PrcpPrecipitation total
snowsnowSN.CSnow DpthSnow / ice depth
barobaroSLPS.L.P.Pressure at sea level
spressbaro mising field name Stn.Pres.Pressure at station
chilltempWCFWind ChlWind chill
heattempHT.IHeat IndHeat index
valtemptempVLYVly TmpTemperature valley
hilltemptempHILLHill TmpTemperature hill
leveltempLVL1T_Lvl 1Temperature level 1
t850temp850TT_850 mbTemperature 850 mb
thkdistTHK10-5 ThkThickness
litempLILIStability Lifted index
sitempSI mising field name Stability Lifted index
skyCover%L.CDSky CovCloud cover Lower (level 1/2)
sc1% mising field name SC L1Sky cover layer 1
sc2% mising field name SC L2Sky cover layer 2
sc3% mising field name SC L3Sky cover layer 3
sc4% mising field name SC L4Sky cover layer 4
sc5% mising field name SC L5Sky cover layer 5
vst%VSTVis TransSky visible trans. %
visibdistVISVISVisibility horizontal
sunaltdegS.ALSun AltSun altitude
solarW/m^2S.IRSolar RadSolar Radiation
UVindexUVIUV IndexUV Index
frezlvlASL mising field name Freezing LevelFreezing Level (highest)
snowlvlASL mising field name Snow LevelSnow Level (= freezing level when no precip)
tscdindexTSCDConvection indexConvection index (1=very unlikely => 5=numerous likely)
thunder%SWXOSevere indexSevere index (1=very unlikely => 5=numerous likely)
gust1mwindG1MN1 min GustGust 1 minute
gustwindG10M10 min GustGust 10 minute
gust1HrwindG1HR1 hr GustGust 1 hour
gust6HrwindG6HR6 hr GustGust 6 hour
temp15Mtemp15M15 m??
tempGrasstempGRSGrass TemperatureTemperature grass level
tempSurftempSURFSoil Surface TemperatureSoil surface temperature
tempSoil1tempTSO1Soil Temperature Depth 1Soil temperature depth 1
tempSoil2tempTSO2Soil Temperature Depth 2Soil temperature depth 2
tempSoil3tempTSO3Soil Temperature Depth 3Soil temperature depth 3
tempSoil4tempTSO4Soil Temperature Depth 4Soil temperature depth 4
tempSoil5tempTSO5Soil Temperature Depth 5Soil temperature depth 5
moistp1%MSO1Soil Moistere Depth 1Soil moistere % depth 1
moistp2%MSO2Soil Moistere Depth 2Soil moistere % depth 2
moistp3%MSO3Soil Moistere Depth 3Soil moistere % depth 3
moistp4%MSO4Soil Moistere Depth 4Soil moistere % depth 4
moistp5%MSO5Soil Moistere Depth 5Soil moistere % depth 5
ET0_SRC??/hET0SET0 Short Reference CropET0 Short Reference Crop
ET0_LRC??/hET0LET0 Long Reference CropET0 Long Reference Crop
evotrans??/hATACActual EvapotransiprationEvapotransipration Actual
ET0_t_SRCrainETSTTotal ET0 Short ReferenceET0 Short Reference Total
ET0_t_LRCrainETLTTotal ET0 Long ReferenceET0 Long Reference Total
evotrans_TrainETATTotal Actual EvapotranspirationEvapotranspiration Actual Total
IR_downW/m^2IRDNIR DownIR Down
heat_sensW/m^2HSENSensible HeatHeat Sensible
heat_latW/m^2HLATLatent HeatHeat Latent
radiationW/m^2RNETNet RadiationRadiation Net
heat_condW/m^2HCUPHeat Conducted Up to SurfaceHeat Conducted Up to Surface
moist1cbSMT1Soil Tension Depth 1Soil tension depth 1
moist2cbSMT2Soil Tension Depth 2Soil tension depth 1
moist3cbSMT3Soil Tension Depth 3Soil tension depth 1
moist4cbSMT4Soil Tension Depth 4Soil tension depth 1
moist5cbSMT5Soil Tension Depth 5Soil tension depth 1
skyCover2%SKYLower cloud coverSky cover total
tsmo?TSMOConvection indexThunder/Showers
irt?I.RT mising field name Irrigation rate
tti?TTI mising field name Stability Total totals
tad?T.AD mising field name Temperature Advection
pop?POP mising field name Precipitation chance/hour
prt?P.RT mising field name Precipitation rate