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First things first

Welcome to the download area of our Weather website Template
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Supported weather software:

   Weather Display

Supported languages for documentation and during installation:


The template itself supports also French and German.

Websites using our Template:

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  1. First things first
    This page

    • Click on a link in the table and the specified file will be downloaded to your computer
    • Save the file to the your download directory
    • Unzip the file
    • Most of the files are in a seperate folder and everything has to be uploaded to the root of your webserver

    Test your new website frequently
    All files needed to completely test your website and all pages in it are already there.
    It should work "out of the box" because we included all necessary files as a demo version
    So with every change you make from now on, you can test and see the results immidiatly.

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  4. Issues
    Reported problems and requests for improvements

  5. Release plan
    Time plan of upcoming new versions and their contents

  6. Websites using our Template
    This page list per country the websites who are using the Template Set

Credit who is credit due

This is too short a list off all code writers who contributed to this Weather website Template
Please let us know who we forgot